What They’re Saying


“Through a series of ongoing lessons, Cutts has helped me to sharpen all aspects of my game. My ball striking is better with improved control. My short game is now impeccable and my scores are lower. I have a new attitude with positive morale, and Cutts has been a great influence both with my golf game as well as off the course. The main thing with Cutts is that he realizes that people’s swings are different. He studies individuals from all aspects to understand what will help. He teaches what ‘s necessary to make sure the swing feels natural to each individual, but is also technically correct. His adjustments last and improvement continues to build over time.

Whether you are a young junior, a high school player or an adult who just enjoys the game and wants to have more fun – I would recommend Cutts to anyone. He is a great coach and mentor who wants to help golfers be the best they can be.”

– Sil Colalancia – Watkinsville, GA

“A few years ago, my son Samuel began taking lessons with Cutts. Sam loves golf and having a pro who loves to teach the game is a true blessing. Cutts has an incredible attitude towards his students. His desire and passion for everyone to enjoy and learn the game of golf is something which shines through in his lessons. He won’t let you give up, yet he doesn’t push too hard.

He allows juniors to develop at a pace which is comfortable and builds long lasting fundamentals which create consistent results. Cutts has been there during the definitive phases and the “ups and downs” that come with learning golf. He has not only been great with the technical swing parts, the short game and course management, but also the emotional side of playing golf too“.

– Chris Pittard – Athens, GA

“During the past year, through a combination of working on his full swing, short game and better course management, Cutts has helped my son Will develop into a better player.

Cutts has helped him to understand his swing while making sure not to get overly technical. They have spent time playing on the course and have focused on the mental approach to golf.

Cutts has provided ideas and drills to help him practice more efficiently and Will understands what he needs to do to keep improving. Will has won a variety of junior tournaments and this past summer was offered a college golf scholarship“.

– Eric Kahlstorf, Watkinsville, GA

“Cutts helped me make adjustments with my grip and swing, including video feedback, which has improved my consistency and distance dramatically. His style is relaxing and encouraging. Every lesson with Cutts always improves my game and is fun. I’ve taken 5 strokes off my GSGA handicap!”

– Dan Foust – Bishop, GA

“My experience with Cutts has been great! He uses an easy to understand approach based off your natural swing style. After only 2 lessons and a few trips to the range I made a dramatic improvement to my game, shaving 12 strokes off my previous best score. I would highly recommend choosing Cutts if you would like to make quick, long lasting improvements to your game!”

– Billy Reagin – Hartwell, GA

“For many years, I had no success despite lessons from various pro’s at clubs all over Georgia. That changed the day I met Cutts. In a few lessons, he helped my entire game while instilling confidence and enjoyment in playing. My drives are now 20 yards longer, my short game is finally reliable and I score in the 80’s and 90’s instead of struggling to break 100.”

– Ray Vizethann Jr. – Watkinsville, GA

“Cutts has been working with my two children Isaac and Isabella for the past year. Cutts has helped Isaac improve his swing and course management. Isaac has won several junior tournaments and Cutts is now helping him set his sights on a college golf scholarship. With Isabella, Cutts has helped her to obtain more power and distance. She has also won junior tournaments and plans on playing college golf.
Since Cutts started using his FlightScope swing analysis system (like trackman) it’s so easy to understand what they need to do to improve their skills. The FlightScope provides club and ball information that really helps – they see their exact distances and know what the club is doing at impact. Both Isaac and Isabella now understand their swings and how to correct their faults themselves.”

 – Gid Samples – Loganville, GA