Champions Program

The Champions program is an ongoing program of regular instruction open to juniors ages 12 – 18. This program is for players who have interest in competing at the high school level and/or have interest in pursuing a college scholarship.

The Champions program includes private weekly instruction and a variety of other specialty training elements:

Private One-Hour Weekly Lesson.
Weekly Supervised Practice.
On-Course Private Monthly Playing Lesson (9 holes).
Two Short Game Skills Evaluations.
Complete Short Game Instruction (putting, chipping, pitching, bunker, short distance wedges).
How to Practice – Tour proven drills & games to improve your skills more effectively.
Mental Toughness Instruction (what to focus on, how to control your emotions, and taking your game to the course).
Equipment Evaluation.
Tournament observation by Cutts during a competitive tournament round.
College Scholarship Assistance – Parents and juniors will receive a comprehensive plan to locate opportunities and pursue college scholarship playing opportunities.
The Champions program includes a one-hour lesson every week with Cutts for a total of four hours per month. Regularly scheduled instruction is proven to be the best way to maximize improvement.

Each week, Cutts has a regularly scheduled supervised practice where he spends 10-15 minutes with each player checking on their progress to make sure that they are working on the right things and in the correct manner. These sessions help keep players on the right track for improvement.

Every month, Cutts will play with program members on the golf course for 9 holes. These playing lessons provide the perfect venue to discuss course management and strategy, observe progress and determine what areas need attention to work on.

Before making changes with technique or setting a practice schedule, we must determine what parts of the short game needs the most attention (putting, chipping, pitching, bunker or distance wedges). The short game evaluations are great ways to measure your skills and then plan your practice time. One thing is certain — we will cover all areas of the short game and you will learn how to get the ball in the hole.

You will learn how to practice more effectively, make better use of your practice time and improve your skills through a variety of tour proven drills and games. It’s a fact that people spend too much time working on the wrong things and waste valuable practice time. Cutts will provide you with a personal practice program to help you reach your goals.

Cutts will provide you with the tools to understand what it takes to be the best competitive player you can be. How to best handle all of the emotions and beliefs we must deal with, such as: pressure; confidence; your self-talk; what you focus on; negative emotions (we all have them sometimes); being realistic, understanding expectations. And handling stress on the course or during practice.

Cutts will carefully evaluate your equipment. Does your equipment fit you properly? Are your clubs the proper length for your size? Are the shafts too flexible or to stiff? Is the loft of your driver causing you to lose distance? Are your wedges the proper loft and lie angle? We will make sure that your clubs are allowing you to perform your best and not slowing your improvement.

Observing you under tournament conditions is great way to assess everything – your technical and shot making skills, your mental approach/ course management (decision making, general emotions, body language). We will help you take the skills you have learned on the range to the golf course and to understand what to focus on during competition.

Cutts will sit down and discuss with parents and juniors to outline a detailed plan to explore and pursue college golf scholarship opportunities. How to locate opportunities, golf resumes’, letters to coaches, the recruiting process, tips for parents, a complete step-by-step timeline and checklist to guide you through the process.

The Champions junior program is a minimum 3-month commitment and the program is offered throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. You may start a 3-month term program anytime between February 1 and August 1. Additional months are priced on a pro-rated basis, month to month with no contract.

Scheduling will always be flexible to what best fits the students schedule. Only the weekly supervised practice times will be pre set and these will be held either after school or on weekends. Everything else is a private individually scheduled coaching session.